Responsive Gallery

Photo Gallery Plus is being designed keeping in mind the optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. At the same time it is coded to work also on old browsers ! Whether your visitors are on a Mobile, Laptop or Desktop your Photo Gallery will look great on any device.

Unlimited Galleries & Images

Photo Gallery Plus adds an unlimited number of images in a single gallery. As you have created a number of image galleries, you can add as many shortcodes on your page as you need.

Unlimited Galleries & Images

Global Settings

Easily Configuration settings for Thumbnails, Album Covers, Lightbox, Slideshows, Pagination etc. for customizing your albums as per your website’s look & feel.

Easy Setup & Management

Create stunning, 100% responsive, SEO-friendly photo galleries in minutes. It provides easy-to-manage functionality to rename, upload, copy, add and remove images. Photo Gallery Plus use WordPress in-built media uploader.

easy setup
Grid & List Layout

Grid & List Layout

Photo Gallery Plus implements not only classic gallery layout, but also grid layout for the modern style gallery with different size of the gallery thumbnails. You can also choose List Format for styling.

Multiple Column Layouts

You can set multiple column layout for image gallery. Column Layout allow you to display your content in chunks that are visually appealing. In gallery settings you can define different amount of thumbnails columns for different screen size/resolution.

colom layouts

Image Gallery

Photo Gallery Plus allow you to add multiple images with multiple effects. Image Gallery option allows you to customize the settings for views of images.

Masonry Gallery

With Photo Gallery Plus, you can implement Masonry Layout. Masonry layouts are a great choice for creating galleries using images with varied dimensions. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space.

masonry- gallery
thumbnail -gallery

Thumbnail Gallery

Photo Gallery Plus allows you to implements customization options for thumbnails size, width, height, border, text, heading and description. You can choose between original or custom settings for thumbnail size.

Blog Style Gallery

The Blog Style gallery works with images of any size or orientation in the same gallery. With blog style gallery, you can also add title and description of image.

blog style 500

Filmstrip Gallery

This is great feature as it helps you to navigate to a particular image from lightbox. There are multiple options to customize filmstrip container and images size and styles in it.

Lightbox Gallery

Photo Gallery Plus allow you to use different Lightboxes which seamlessly integrate with our gallery plugin. It includes lightboxes like Foo Box, Fancy Box, Color Box, Nivo Lightbox and Lightcase Lightbox.


Compact Albums

Each thumbnail in the Compact Album links to the gallery you include in your album, along with the title of the gallery with the amount of images per gallery.

Extended Albums

Extended Album displays as a list, with thumbnails to the left. Alongside the right of the thumbnail is the title and description of the gallery and amount of images within the gallery. Each thumbnail links to the gallery you include in your album.

Purge Images & Albums-min

Purge Images & Albums

Purge Images and Albums means to remove extra or unused images from album-thumbs, gallery-uploads, and thumbs folder. Using this option, you can clean your gallery from unused data.


Photo Gallery Plus gives you the best feature i.e. slideshow which is flexible, all aspects can easily be configured and embedding the gallery. Slideshows perform best if images are sized to desired slideshow width / container.

Hover Effects

Hover Effects

Photo Gallery Plus plugin is really rich with Hover Effects. You can use titles, links and icons with multiple hover effects. You can easily change style and colors of the hover animation elements.


You can easily add attractive and adorable animations to the image gallery and slideshows. Photo Gallery Plus uses CSS3 transitions for faster animation performance. This plugin comes with numerous beautiful inbuilt animations.

special effects-min

Special Effects

Photo Gallery Plus enhance your galleries with special effects. Show or hide them on mouse over or turn them on or off regardless of the mouse. They are available for all images in a cross-browser compatible fashion.

Duplicate Gallery

With the help of Photo Gallery Plus plugin, you need to just setup styles of the gallery in one place and use the same options for another gallery on your website. This feature reduce the work time & gives you beautiful gallery.

duplicate -gallery
title &des--

Title & Description

Photo Gallery Plus allow to add title and description to each image. Description can be seen not in all view, but some of them has a place for it. Photo Gallery accomplished with title and description looks rich and perfect.


Pagination allows number of images allowed on a single page and provide navigation for the rest. It is used to control the amount of content on a gallery page and enable users to navigate back and forth through large numbers of gallery pages.

auto play

Auto Play Options

Photo Gallery Plus allow you to enable or disable auto play options for image slideshow. The autoplay option triggers the gallery to start playing as soon as it is loaded. You can also choose time interval at which the image changes in slideshow.

Shortcode Wizard

Enhance the functionality of the Photo Gallery Plus plugin with the awesome Shortcode Wizard. It has been developed to easily insert albums/images to any of your Post/Page to provide ultra-easiness.

shortcode wizard
social sharing-min

Social Sharing

With an introduction to Social Sharing, users can now share albums/images within their social circle and can allow commenting on it as well. The most popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr where you can share your galleries.

Watermark & Protection

You can protect the copyright to your images with watermarking options. Simply add a text or image watermark, select display size and position and you’re all set.

support Media manager

Supports Media Manager

Photo Gallery Plus supports Media Manager which provides you wide set of options to crop, rotate, flip and scale gallery images according to your requirement. Batch upload of the gallery images by one click.

Image Filters

You can add tags for each image to filter it from other images. Using tags, you can filter images into different categories and display images of same categories separately.

Image Filters-min

Border Settings

Photo Gallery Plus provide advanced options for configuration design and style of borders. You can fully customize size, color, transparency of gallery interface. Shadow also have additional blur option for gallery thumbnails shadow.

Font Settings

Photo Gallery Plus have built in advanced text style options. With these options, you can fully customize title, caption and description of every gallery image.

lazy loading

Lazy Loading Option

Photo Gallery Plus implements advanced lazy loading options. For the case when you have big sets of gallery images, you can define the amount for first load and more options for further images.

Color Selectors

For all front-end interface elements, Photo Gallery Plus implements very comfortable color selector. With this, you can define any color of your choice and make albums according to your need. You can also select transparency for the color. Colors could be defined in HEX or RGB style.

roles & capabilites-min

Roles & Capabilities

Photo Gallery Plus allows you to determine the access level or permissions of Gallery Plugin among authorized users. By default, Administrators will have full control to manage the different options in Photo Gallery Plus.

Browser Compatibility

Photo Gallery Plus plugin is fully compatible with all the popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox etc.

browser -compatiblity

SEO Friendly

Photo Gallery Plus automatically updates all images with proper Alt and Title attributes. If your images do not have Alt and Title already set, it will add them according to the options you set.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS editor give you a powerful feature here. If you want to make some changes on the look of the template, then simply write your own CSS in Custom CSS box. Then your own CSS style will override the plugins CSS and provide you the ability to customize the basic layout of coming soon page.

custom css

Super Duper Support

Quick Response to your queries and issues are provided directly by the support team, Buy with Confidence!

Automatic Plugin Updates

Photo Gallery Plus allow you to get free updates whenever there is a new version available to Personal, Business & Developer Edition users on monthly basis with Bug Fixes.

automic plugin- updates-min

User Friendly Interface

Photo Gallery is a Superlative High quality Plugin which allows you to create albums with an ease. It is an easy and powerful WordPress Plugin. It gives you a stylish and responsive Gallery.

Highly Customization

It is easily customizable. You can specify the number of images to display in a single row in an album. Additionally, you can customize thumbnail images by cropping, flipping and rotating theme. You can edit gallery and album by changing sizes and colors for different features.


Multi - Lingual

Photo Gallery Plus supports 36 Global languages. More and more people across the globe are new associating with Gallery Plugin.